600 Denier Deko Fabric Banner

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600 Denier Fabric banners are an extremely unique alternative to conventional vinyl, and make for a beautiful display.
Part Number: FB600

Product Description

Fabric banners are a unique alternative to conventional vinyl and make for a beautiful display. Our fabric is not only great for banners, but also for a variety of other applications. They provide an excellent print definition with a soft hand. We can print these banners up to 175 feet with no seam. We use this amazing 600 Denier deko fabric for our flags, tents, and table covers as well.

  • Printed on durable, 100% polyester fabric
  • Great for indoor events
  • Full-color printed banner included in price, no set-up charges with print-ready artwork
  • Available up to 120ft x 175ft without a seam
  • Comes with standard finishing: hemmed edges and grommets every 2 feet

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